Herbal Facials are one of the best ways to cleanse the face and promote glowing, healthy skin. Shehnaz Beauty Salon provides specialist

Herbal Facials Big Deal

therapy services within a wonderful, peaceful setting.

Facial Deal involve usage of the finest natural (made from natural plant and herb extracts) skin care products that will cleanse and soften skin while squeezing out in the bargain toxins and impurities from the pores. Applied gently by skilled therapists to the facial parts, the soothing treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed, pampered and smoothing soft.

The whole Facial Deal treatment process involves deep cleansing, exfoliation and facial massage. The end result is that they help to rejuvenate the skin cells, promote skin tone, relieve conditions like eczema, etc. and above all, ensure your skin gets that healthy and vibrant glow.

Facial Treatment

Suitable for all skin types of men and women, Facials treatment Big Deal from shehnaz beauty salon comprise of -

  • Moisturising Facial-(Special process for dry ageing skin).
  • Facial with Natural Peeling – (Great for wrinkled or dry skin).
  • Herbal Pack Facial – (Blend of French lavender, camomile and flax seed to soften and moisten skin).
  • Facial Technique for Back (Removes excess oils and blemishes, cleanses impurities).
  • Full facial (60 mins) or Mini Facial (1/2 hour treatment)

All Skin Types involving Double cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, nourishing facial massage, herbal mask to suit your skin and tone. For a clear, well-hydrated skin, the expert touch of skilled therapists at Shehnaz Beauty Salon will do all the work. And at the end of the Big Deal session, you will sense a rejuvenated skin, glowing, healthy and youthful.

Facials Salon Brisbane

- Shehnaz beauty offering big saving offer when you add eyebrow threading, lip threading service with any herbal facials,. as we have varieties of facials like
  • Rose herbal facial
  • Banana herbal facial
  • Pearl herbal facial
  • Silver herbal facial
  • Aloe Vera herbal facial

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