Make your eyes pop or simply eliminate the need for mascara. Eyelash Extensions last between 4-6 weeks, growing and shedding with the natural lash. Thicker, longer, curlier individual lashes are applied one by one to the natural lash using a safe and long lasting glue. While the extensions can last up to 6 weeks, we recommend refills every 3-4 weeks in order to maintain the look. All sets below can be altered to suit your needs.

  • $45Eyelash Perm
  • $100Eyelash Extension
    Starting Price
  • $40(Eyelash Extension) Refilling
  • $95"Natural Set"

    Achieves a natural luscious look. Minimum of 30 lashes per eye.

  • $120"Glamour Set"

    A captivating and full look. Extra volume and length used towards the outer of the eye to both enhance and create the desirable almond eye shape. Minimum of 40 lashes per eye.

  • $150"Hollwood Set"

    Get the ultimate volume and achieve what mascara cannot. Uncapped quantity of lashes.

  • $4010 Per Each Eye
  • $7520 Per Each Eye
  • $10030 Per Each Eye
  • $50Half Set of Lashes
  • $753/4 Set of Lashes
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