A popular hair-removal procedure, Eyebrow Threading is a practice of shaping the eyebrow, removing one clean line of hair all at once. Safe and all-natural procedure,

Eyebrow Threading

is a worthy alternative to Tweezing or Plucking in the sense that it helps to shape the eyebrow quickly and easily. To get the maximum benefit out of Eyebrow Threading, its essential to get the same done by a qualified and skilled threading therapist adept in eyebrow threading. Else in the hands of an inexperienced aesthetician, problems in the form of uneven brows, hair breakage, ingrown hairs, or unnecessary pain may crop up resulting in unrepairable damage.

Threading salon Brisbane-Shehnaz Beauty Salon have a fine team of threading experts who are adept in every aspect of hair removal technique and have an exemplary track record of treating successfully scores of cases. Adopting the latest eyebrow threading technique involving no chemicals or products of other kinds, our threading therapist use a thin pure cotton thread to expertly twist and weave through unwanted eyebrow hairs which when pulled plucks the hair at the follicle level to provide a clean and precise eyebrow line.

The USP of this treatment process is that entire rows of hair are plucked out at one go instead of individual hairs being plucked at intervals thus saving time and ensuring quicker and safer treatment process. The whole treatment process can last up-to 5 weeks including repeat visits. The end-result of it all is that attractive eyebrow lines are created enhancing face beauty while ensuring eyebrow hair regrowth is much finer and proper.

Threading Salon Brisbane Australia -Shehnaz beauty not only provide eyebrow threading service but also other beauty need services like Tinting, Brazilian waxing , Facial , Eyelash Extensions , Perming and Henna tattoo as well. In the hands of competent professionals, you get to receive a precise and clean eyebrow line and shaping while experiencing a relaxing and comfortable session of pampering. And above all, you get to enjoy the long lasting effects of the service providing full value for money.

If you're looking for Eyebrow threading, look no further than Shehnaz Beauty Salon for you are secure in good hands and assured of amazing results.

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